Slabratory draws its roots from the vibrant 80’s skateboard & surfing scene. A time of new innovation for the youth and an era further defining the raw subculture rising of something non-mainstream.

The skate and surf industry was scorched with intense fluorescent colored graphics and rule breaking art attitude. Every city that had a skate shop or bicycle shop was showered with incredibly colored skateboards that instantly attached to any kid that set eyes on them. It was a new breakthrough of color and art that made every kid go bizerk. To this day the impact still resonates with even the oldest of enthusiasts.

A vital contributor in creating this movement was iconic Santa Cruz Skateboard Co.. Their delivery of cutting edge art and progressive product continues to highlight them as a key player in the current multi billion dollar industry. Some would say this success can easily be credited towards artists Jim and Jimbo Phillips profound “one of a kind” art style, as well as, Santa Cruz’s relentless success towards innovative product ideas. Always pushing the envelope of what existed in the skate and surf world, Santa Cruz  claims stake as a timeless entity.


squibAs the evolution of skateboarding and surfing forged on, the lifelong desire to be involved with the industry on a business level ignited. Reflective of the many changes in the extreme sports industry throughout the 90’s with art  and attitude, Slabratory felt there was room in the industry for a new identity. Taking action,  an idea to approach a lifestyle clothing company with Jimbo Phillips was manifested. Taking a leap of faith, Jimbo was contacted via a hand written letter regarding Slabratory’s vision, and to amazement he obliged.


Slabratory’s mission is to enhance the virtues of extreme sports worldwide through legendary art, apparel, accessories, athletes and music. Because Slabratory possesses no limitations on demographics and with its unique collection of resources, it has the potential to quickly become a globally recognized brand of timeless authenticity.  Our identity offers substance for a new brand success and is confident that fans, athletes, musicians, and artists abroad will continue to support its movement.